Carlsberg tackles financial taboos in wellbeing month


Brewery giant Carlsberg promoted financial wellbeing support benefits during its recent wellbeing month, which aimed to combat financial, physical and mental health-related taboos.

During May 2018, employees took part in on-site mortgage sessions and hourly one-to-one slots to provide independent mortgage advice. Provided by Radcliffe and Newlands, Carlsberg employees are able to access free mortgage advice as part of their benefits package.

The organisation’s pension provider also made presentations and ran question and answer sessions, while insurers Lorica advised on different ways to save.

In addition, Carlsberg created a training pack for its managers, called ‘Getting the Conversation Started’, designed to help managers communicate with employees and break down taboos around wellbeing.

The wellbeing month went ahead after the success of the company’s wellbeing strategy launch in January 2018, which saw a payroll loan benefit, provided by Salary Finance, introduced to its 700 employees in Northampton and Leeds. Ten employees applied for a payroll loan on its launch day and, by the end of its first week, 20 had submitted loan applications. Salary Finance also hosted a stand about the payroll loan benefit during May.

Debbie Fennell, compensation and benefits specialist at Carlsberg, says: “Everything is intertwined. If [employees have] got financial issues, it often affects [their] emotional wellbeing, and it affects [their] physical wellbeing. That’s why we’re trying to keep it very holistic and give people help.”

Wellbeing became one of the top three business priorities after last year’s staff survey. The company created a wellbeing booklet to highlight all of the related benefits and services, such as its employee assistance programme, pension, retail discounts, childcare vouchers and healthcare scheme, all posted to employees.

“The more we looked at it, the more we felt it was a really critical matter that really needs to be part of our culture. If we get the wellbeing of our employees right, they’re going to be more productive, and it’s going to be better for everybody,” Fennell adds.

Carlsberg will host another wellbeing month in September, focusing on budgeting for Christmas.