Capita TVL staff accept pay deal

Capita TVL pay
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Field TV licensing workers employed by service provider Capita TVL have accepted a pay agreement, which will be paid out in this month’s pay roll.

The deal, which applies to the firm’s 165 field staff, increases starting salaries on average by 9.5% from £23,680 to £30,000, provides the option of a company car, and abolishes the long-standing commission scheme for the 139 visiting officers within the field operation. Their base starting pay will rise by 26.7% after the commission scheme has been consolidated.

All 165 employees are also entitled to a £650 lump sum, worth an estimated 6.75% for those on standard salary, and a £500 minimum transition payment for visiting officers whose new basic pensionable pay will fall below the maximum commission scheme bonus they could have earned under the old scheme. As part of the agreement, visiting officers who earn the highest commission scheme bonus can receive higher transition payments.

A total of 72% of employees voted to accept the deal, which was negotiated by the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

Andy Furey, acting deputy general secretary postal at CWU, said: “It’s good to get a massive turnout of 79% and this strong vote in favour of the deal, which represents a very positive step forward for our Capita TVL Field members. There were some concerns expressed by some of our visiting officers during the debate about the abolition of the commission scheme, but it was our view, and that of the employer, that this scheme was coming under increasing pressure and that it may have become quickly unsustainable.

“We were very pleased that the CWU negotiating team was able to capture the full value of this scheme and consolidate all of it into base pay. The new salary structure protects pay and enhances pensions while offering a more attractive package to new recruits, which is why we decided to recommend the deal.”

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There are separate salary negotiations in progress for the admin and customer contact workers also employed by Capita TVL.

Capita TVL has been contacted for comment prior to publication.