Canva Australia’s head of vibe offers employees ‘magical’ benefits

Canva magical vibe
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Something for the weekend: Graphic design platform Canva, which is headquartered in Australia, has hired an employee to be its head of vibe in order to create magical moments and bring vibes into the workplace every day.

Chris Low, the official head of vibe at the firm, which topped Fast Company’s 2023 Best Workplaces for Innovators list, has introduced a range of benefits for the workforce, which include a dedicated chocolate chip cookie chef, gym classes, cooked meals, rooftop beehives and an annual vibe allowance to spend on something to support wellbeing and development, as he explained that they know what they need to ‘vibe and thrive’ better than anyone.

Other initiatives include a surprise Zoom party with special backgrounds on screens when an employee has a birthday, as well as breaking bread together, sharing stories, innovating and being creative both in the workplace and when working at home.

In an interview with Australian news programme Seven Sunrise, Low said: “It’s certainly an unusual title. That’s what we do, we bring vibes to the workplace each day, from designing, building and operating offices all around the world, to creating magical moments each day in our workplace. We recognise and celebrate our team, it’s a great place to be.”

Other employee benefits that Canva offers include flexible work arrangements and the opportunity to come together for connection, community and impact, parental leave entitlements that put every family at the heart of the experience, community initiatives and programmes, sustainable practices, carbon-neutral operations, one month off and a recharge budget to celebrate five years at the firm, an additional five days of paid leave to balance work and life commitments, and equity packages.

This sounds like an exciting way to support staff to us here at Employee Benefits and certainly wouldn’t kill our vibe!