Breakspear Park offers free diabetes screening to staff

Breakspear park offers free diabetes screening to staff

Breakspear Park business park in Hemel Hempstead has offered all employees a free health screening for diabetes as part of a drive to raise awareness of the condition.

The business park commissioned the charity Silver Star, which campaigns across the UK for diabetes awareness, to visit the offices on 14 November 2018 and give all employees the opportunity to have a free consultation and testing.

Dina Mistry, marketing manager of Breakspear Park, said: “There are more than three million people in the UK diagnosed with diabetes and there is an estimated one million people unaware they are living with the condition. Offering all employees the chance to be tested for free within work hours allowed them to establish whether they had diabetes and what their susceptibility was.”

Around 800 employees are based at Breakspear Park, working for organisations such as Regus, Britvic, BAM Construction and RealD. Nearly 50 people within the business park participated in the assessment.

Mistry said: “We have received such positive feedback following the event, with employees remarking how Breakspear Park is the ultimate place to work because of our focus on quality of life. We look forward to hosting further events to help improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who works here.”

The initiative fell under Breakspear Park’s ‘park life’ campaign, which aims to help achieve a better work-life balance for all employees. Other initiatives include handing out 300 pumpkins to staff and hosting three days of free massages. Forthcoming events include a Christmas fair, 30th birthday celebrations and an inspirational speaker booked for the end of November.

Heidi Gibbens, an employee at Britvic, said: “It is so difficult to find the time outside of work to do some things. Having the ability to undertake health checks or have a quick massage in the workplace is a real bonus. Health and wellbeing is really important so it is great that this is being focused on and offered to all employees for free.”