Boots pharmacists accept 5% pay rise

Boots pharmacistsPharmacists employed by Boots have accepted a 5% pay rise after reaching an agreement with the Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) regarding a 2023 pay deal.

As per the agreement, all eligible pharmacists within the bargaining unit will receive a 5% pay award as of 1 November in recognition of the market circumstances within the community pharmacy sector. Pharmacists and pharmacist store managers will be ineligible for the award if they have joined or had a pay increase on or since 1 August, they were rated as not performing throughout 2023, or if they are a trainee.

Additionally, a one-off non-consolidated payment of £750 pro rata, for a 40 hour per week contract, will be made to all eligible pharmacists and pharmacist store managers. These include qualified members of the bargaining unit who are employed on 1 November, who remain employed at the August 2024 payroll date and who are not in their notice period.

The one-off payment will be paid in the August 2024 payroll run and equates to a total package of pay and benefits of 6.5%. It is an acknowledgement of pharmacists’ commitment to establishing and delivering NHS core and advanced services and to recognise the commitment they will make to support new pharmacy services.

Furthermore, Boots and the PDA have agreed that the current short notice payments provision and eligibility will continue to recognise the commitment and flexibility of pharmacists. This will also be extended to Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays, where notice of working on a non-planned day is given on the same day.

A PDA spokesperson said: “Pharmacists continue to perform a vital role in the provision of accessible healthcare in the community. It’s a role we value immensely, and we’re committed to working together to champion a fulfilling future for all our healthcare professionals. We thank them for their continued commitment in looking after our patients and communities.”

Boots has been contacted for comment prior to publication.