A fifth of job hunters feel benefits and perks make offers more attractive


Nearly a fifth (19%) of respondents who are looking for new employment believe that benefits and workplace perks make job offers more attractive, according to research by CV Library.

The online job site’s survey of 1,200 prospective employees and 300 employers also found that 21% of organisations agree that benefits and workplace perks are helpful in creating an attractive offer for candidates.

Lee Biggins (pictured), founder and chief executive officer at CV Library, said: “With so much uncertainty across the job market right now, it’s crucial that businesses are doing all they can to attract talented new recruits.

“Misjudging what candidates are looking for in a job offer can have harmful repercussions for an employer. As such, employers need to have a clear understanding of what professionals want from a job, so they can ensure they’re investing in the right areas and [are] offering competitive packages.”

More than four-fifths (82%) of prospective employees stated that salary was the most important factor when looking at job offers; however, there is a disconnect when it comes to the organisation’s perspective, as only three-fifths (60%) of employer respondents concurred. Flexible working, similarly, is crucial to 23% of those looking for a new job, compared to only 14% of employers.

Approximately half (49%) of job hunters cite working hours as the most vital consideration when looking at an offer of employment. In terms of location, 78% of those looking for work believe this is essential for an attractive proposition, but only 6% of employers agree.

Biggins added: “Today’s professionals know what they want from a job offer and those that are aware of the current climate also know that they can afford to be picky with their choices. With many nervous to switch roles amidst ongoing uncertainty, it’s going to take a competitive package to encourage them to leave their current position.”