FC Barcelona players defer pay to support all non-sporting staff

The professional team members at FC Barcelona, including the football first team and most of the basketball team, will reduce their pay to support non-sporting staff during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

The agreement was made by the FC Barcelona board of directors. They confirmed that the football first team will reduce their salaries by 70% to ensure that 100% of the salaries of non-sporting employees are paid through the pandemic period.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is currently no return date set for both football and basketball fixtures, leaving many employees with an uncertain financial future.

A spokesperson for FC Barcelona said: “The club wishes to express its gratitude to all of the professional athletes for their implication in such an exceptional situation that has been caused by this health crisis.”

Lionel Messi, captain at FC Barcelona, added: “The moment has arrived that the cut will be 70% of our salaries during this state of alarm. We will help out the club in order for the employees to be paid 100% of their wages.”