Airbus pays employees £1,500 cost-of-living bonus

Credit: vaalaa /

Aviation employer Airbus has awarded around 120,000 of its employees with a bonus to be paid in their next payroll, in order to support them during the cost-of-living crisis.

According to an internal memo from the business, all staff, including senior managers, are eligible, including 5,000 members of staff based at Airbus’ Broughton, Chester site, and apprentices currently employed across the world.

The bonus will amount to £1,500 gross in Airbus’ operating countries of France, Germany, Spain and the UK, and will be mirrored in other countries with a premium calculated as a percentage of the average local base salary.

Airbus has 126,000 employees globally, including 46,000 in France, 43,000 in Germany, 12,000 in Spain, and 9,000 in the UK.

An Airbus spokesperson said: “The volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity that characterises our environment have been further reinforced in recent months by the energy crisis and inflation. The business believes that this solution is the most appropriate to support employees in the short-term as they cope with the current inflationary environment.

“As a reminder, Airbus paid a success-sharing bonus to its employees just before the summer and has carried out constructive dialogue with its social partners to implement meaningful salary increase policies.”