A mindful approach to emotional health

Continuing Workplace Wellbeing month, Xerox HR Services are turning focus to the emotional side of wellbeing —a top priority amongst employers who took part in the Working Well survey, second only to the more traditional element of physical wellbeing.

The range of wellbeing options now offered demonstrates a strong understanding by employers that wellbeing goes beyond physical health. For example, over 40% of companies globally offer mindfulness programmes, and nearly half provide access to stress management and resilience building. Studies also show that supporting flexibility and offering employees a greater sense of control over their work can help reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.

Help address the emotional health of your staff
The mental wellbeing section of Xerox HR Services' microsite this week contains a range of tools to help boost this important aspect of employees’ wellbeing, including a series of videos on achieving the elusive good night’s sleep, exclusive access to free mindfulness sessions, and a knowledge bank of workplace strategies for mental health, as well as expert blogs and webinars.