Seven in 10 UK employees find health affected by stress in the workplace


Seven out of 10 (71%) UK employees have seen workplace stress affect their health, according to research by Moorepay. 

The research, which canvassed the views of 507 individuals between May and June 2019, also found that a further two-fifths (41%) have been absent from work due to stress.

More than half of respondents (55%) cited a heavy workload as the main cause of stress within the workplace; a lack of control over workload was also found to be a high driving factor, with almost four in 10 (38%) citing this as a major cause of concern. 

The research also found that it was not only workload that caused pressure to mount up in the workplace. Just over a third (34%) of respondents cited relationships within the office as contributing to their levels of stress, with a further one in ten (10%) finding that not receiving enough support from colleagues added to the problem. 

Anthony Vollmer, managing director at Moorepay, said: “Stress is a huge challenge for employers. More than 15 million days are lost a year in the UK because of stress, according to the Taylor review.  

Wellbeing at work is a critical area for [employers] to focus on. Supporting staff with stress or other mental health issues doesn’t have to be expensive or involve a complete process overhaul. Effective initiatives can be simple to introduce and within easy reach. The most important factors contributing to happiness at work include a strong internal support network; a strong corporate culture driven from the top; transparent internal communications and attractive soft benefits such as flexible working.  

“A mentally well workforce is fundamental to a company’s success. A team that is happy and engaged has higher retention rates, attracts the best talent and delivers greater productivity.”