39% of UK employees want a bigger benefits and discounts offering

New research has revealed that 39% of UK staff believe a greater choice of discounts and perks would make them more satisfied with their employee benefits.

The findings came from a study by benefits technology provider Benify, The future of work report: employee benefits and work trends in Europe, which was conducted by YouGov. It explored how the pandemic had changed working practices, what employees want and what the future of work could be.

The survey was conducted in the form of an anonymous online survey during the first quarter of 2021, with more than 58,000 participants aged 18 and older in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and the Netherlands taking part.

When asked what would make them more satisfied with their employee benefits, 53% of respondents in Sweden, 49% in France, 43% in the Netherlands, 40% in Germany, 39% in the UK, and 36% in Denmark all said they want a larger selection of benefits and discounts.

The second highest response was from those wanting more individually tailored benefits, which 36% of respondents in the UK, 48% in Sweden, 40% in France, 32% in Germany and Denmark, and 29% in the Netherlands all said they would like.

Commenting on these findings, Josefine Soderqvist, director of human resources at Benify, said: “The pandemic has affected us all but in different ways, and as such, individuals want benefits that help and support their unique situation. After all, every individual has their own wants and preferences, so it’s no surprise really to discover that employees seek a greater range of benefits as well as the ability to customise their package to match their own needs.”