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We partner with employers to offer financial wellbeing benefits that help employees become less stressed, more productive and much happier

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Salary Finance is underpinned by a social purpose. Through technology and innovation, we strive to make the lives of millions of working people less stressful, more productive and much happier.

We partner with employers to offer financial wellbeing benefits that help employees live healthier, happier lives. We do this by offering simple savings, access to pay as it is earned, and affordable loans – all underpinned by accessible, engaging money management tips and tools.


Saving couldn’t be simpler with money coming straight from your employees’ salaries. Save helps people create a savings buffer and work towards their financial goals.

Sometimes having to wait until payday can mean falling back on high-cost debt like a payday loan or overdraft. Advance allows employees to draw down their pay as they earn it, making it easier for them to budget.

With competitive, responsible lending via simple salary deductions, Borrow helps employees pay off debt or deal with financial emergencies.

Financial education is fundamental to building long-term financial confidence. That’s why we offer free tools and the information your employees need to become better with money. 

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