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At Bright Horizons, we help businesses cater to and attract working families by offering a range of powerful Work+Family solutions.

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At Bright Horizons, we help businesses cater to and attract working families by offering a range of powerful Work+Family solutions.

Company description: 

What we do: We help to increase our clients’ employee wellbeing, engagement and productivity, supporting career progression and improving recruitment and retention of talented and diverse workforces.

How we do it: We provide holistic solutions to the challenges facing parents and carers in the workplace today. They include comprehensive care services, coaching and development provision, digital resources, family network events, and manager/ organisational guidance. They address the practical, emotional and cultural needs of organisations and individuals. What we offer is good for employers and good for employees. Everybody wins.

For over 30 years, Bright Horizons has been supporting the evolving needs of working families. Through bespoke family care solutions, we are helping employers to anticipate the challenges facing their employees and equip them with the tools they need to thrive. From workplace nurseries and hybrid worker solutions to backup care when your employees need it most, our work and family solutions enhance your ability to attract and retain key talent, giving your teams the peace of mind and confidence to do their best work. At Bright Horizons, we are always looking forward, creating and developing solutions to help businesses succeed and create a happier, more efficient and profitable workforce. With operations in the US, UK, India, Australia and the Netherlands, we’ve a wealth of experience in supporting multi-national clients.

A partner, provider and employer of choice We look forward to always delivering the best for our clients, families and our own employees.
• We monitor and evaluate our service provision through ongoing employee and client feedback to ensure its quality and positive impact. We provide our clients with access to live usage and engagement analytics.
• We have been consistently recognised as a UK Best Workplace by the Great Place to Work Institute every year since 2006.
• We have a strong commitment to corporate sustainability and, through our registered charity the Bright Horizons Foundation for Children, we work to transform the lives of children and families in crisis.

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Contact details: 0345 241 5309 / [email protected]


Contact details: 0345 241 5309 / [email protected]


0345 241 5309