Your employee engagement platform implementation checklist (pre-launch)

By Federica Silvi, Senior Implementation Specialist

Finding a HR technology vendor to launch your employee engagement software can often feel like a risky process – after all, if you’ve never launched anything like this for your company, how do you know that you’re getting the help you need? HR solutions can be a big investment for any business, and its success rides often rides on the HR team’s mix of creative, innovative, relational and project management skills.

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Because we’ve partnered with over 1,800 businesses and take feedback seriously when it comes to improving our processes and product, we thought we’d share the types of things to look out for when you partner with a new HR vendor. What questions should you ask, and what tasks should you add to your list so that the beginning of the process runs as smoothly as you can get it to? What, exactly, should your employee engagement software implementation plan look like?

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