X4 Group uses seasonal holiday incentives to motivate and engage employees  


Recruitment organisation X4 Group combats the potentially negative impact of the initial months by giving its 125 UK-based sales employees the exciting prospect of a holiday to work toward. 

In a scheme originally launched in January 2012, X4 Group funds three holidays over the course of the year: a ‘high rollers’ trip to Las Vegas, typically in September, a summer holiday, which in July 2018 comprised a stay in Ibiza, and a ski trip held in March. 

If their targets are met, approximately 20 staff members are chosen to take part in the three-night skiing vacation to either Austria or France. This is completely paid for by the business, covering costs such as accommodation and flights. 

Danielle Church, senior marketing executive at X4 Group, says: “With the ‘new year, new me’ fresh start, this is where people really evaluate what they’re doing in their career, so this is about how we want to engage people.” 

Sales employees are chosen based on their billing and number of completed deals, as well as their overall attitude and client and candidate recommendations. Some are also awarded a ticket based on personal achievements, such as motivating colleagues, taking advantage of training opportunities or learning from past mistakes. 

This information is collected between October and January. Typically, eight permanent employees and six contract workers are selected for the trip, as well as a few directors. 

X4 Group’s motivation and engagement strategy also includes monthly employer-paid lunch clubs at desirable London restaurants.  

The organisation is also planning a ‘Battle of the Brands’ quiz night on 31 January 2019, complete with employer-supplied food and drink. The business consists of four distinct brands, which will compete against each other. Church states this event is to ensure employees have something fun to look forward to in the new year. 

Church concludes: “We’ve got an excellent team and we want to make sure they’re engaged, feel that they’re invested in the [organisation], and are going to stay with us in January.”