What Employee Engagement Looks Like Post-Pandemic

Employee engagement brings together your people’s satisfaction and how well they work. It is not news that high spirits and workplace wellbeing is in direct correlation with productivity and culture. In other words, higher employee engagement, higher productivity.

The world of work changes dramatically month by month because of COVID-19. Therefore, workplaces have had to adapt to their new climate. As companies navigate their way through new post-pandemic territories, what will change about employee engagement?

According to Willis Towers Watson’s The 2021 Employee Experience Survey, a staggering 98% of UK employers believe strengthening the employee experience would be a top priority in their business. Pre-pandemic, that percentage was at a lower 52% giving us insight into just how much employee engagements importance has changed.

Moving the focus to employee engagement 

Companies in 2021 have a strong focus on employee engagement and their experience within the workplace. Their focus may be a direct result of increases in anxiety, stress levels and higher cases of burnout. Although the pandemic has had an overwhelming effect on the UK, post-pandemic may see a new level of employee satisfaction. With more companies focusing on rewards and recognition and saying thank you for your hard work, employees will embrace the workplace and see a positive effect in their personal lives.

Innovation for employee engagement

2021’s unpredictability forced organisations to think innovatively about meaningful perks at work. With just under 50% of the UK workforce having worked from home in 2020, it is clear see that a new form of digitalisation will come into play when looking at employee engagement. 67% of UK firms said that this transformation is a key area of focus.

Older forms of employee engagement such as Employee of The Month schemes will need to evolve online. Here at Each Person, we offer a dynamic, accessible and fully digitalised means to nominations, making it perfect for post-pandemic engagement.

Diversity & Inclusivity

The 2021 Employee Experience Survey uncovered that 79% of companies were keen to improve their employee experience within diversity and inclusivity. Working from home has had a positive impact on workplace inclusivity, such as cutting down commute times, feeling less vulnerable and higher levels of flexibility. Higher levels of D&I brings about better levels of workplace wellbeing. Therefore, a positive change is happening already and will hopefully continue. Note that finding accessible and manageable rewards for everyone is vital.

In short, employee engagement post-pandemic will be more people-centric, focusing on their individual needs rather than the companies. We have seen a shift in new ways of showing appreciation, and this will continue to evolve through 2021. Furthermore, it is paramount to note the changes within D&I and the positive impact on your people.

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