What are the best employee benefits according to employees?

Building an employee benefits package that resonates with your employees can be a tricky task.

With a diverse workforce of different backgrounds and demographics that all have different wants, needs and priorities, a ‘one-size fits all’ approach is something we’ve always maintained businesses should look to avoid.

However, if you know where employees’ priorities lie and which employee benefits they value the most, it can make implementing a successful benefits package that resonates with all your staff much easier.

This article looks at the key research done in recent years on what employees want from their benefits package and summarises the key findings to help provide you with the key information you need to build a successful employee benefits package.

Our latest article includes:

  • The most popular benefits with each generation
  • The key themes that occur across employee benefits research
  • How employee benefits help address employees’ most pressing needs
  • How to implement a successful benefits package that will resonate with employees

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