Webinar: Stand out as an employer of choice in today’s competitive talent market

By Cristina Stoica, Growth Marketing Manager at Reward Gateway

The war for talent is more intense than ever, with job vacancies in the UK at a record high of 1.2 million*. To attract and engage top talent, HR must look beyond one-time pay rises and bonuses, adapt to the shifting demands of employees and redefine what they offer as a company.

The good news: a recent survey of 3,000 HR leaders revealed that competitive benefits and recognition & reward are among the top ‘must-haves’ that employees expect from their employer. In fact, over two-thirds (67%) of employees surveyed say continual recognition from co-workers and colleagues is more important, or equal to, a 10% pay rise.

Join us Tuesday 30th November, 1-2 pm GMT, to learn how these strategies can enhance your Employee Value Proposition and help you stand out as an employer of choice in today’s competitive talent market. We will share:

  • The top five “must-haves” employees expect from their employers – and how to deliver on them.
  • How to supercharge the employee benefits experience to get your employees talking about – and using – them.
  • Tips to create a Reward & Recognition experience that brings your unique company culture to life.
  • Strategies to reduce HR administration while delivering a consistent employee experience of benefits and recognition.

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