Beem is a flexible employee application designed to dramatically enhance frontline comms, and boost employee engagement

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Beem is an enterprise mobile platform that allows an organisation to connect with their entire workforce, whether they are frontline, employees on the go, new starters, or contract workers.

With only 5% of information shared across corporate intranets being relevant to non-desk based employees. Our main focus is to ensure relevancy for employees, with a strong focus on front-line offline or non-desk, enabling all employees to have a unique interaction with workday content, seeing what’s relevant to them and their working day, at a local, regional and global scale

We help business leaders distribute need to know and nice to know communications and content to hard to reach global teams. Leading to direct lines of ROI benefiting HR interests such as attrition, sick days and alignment with company goals. Beem also provides a positive impact on company engagement, non-desk based inclusion initiatives and wider employee advocacy.

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Beem is a trusted partner with numerous f500 organisations across automotive, heavy industry and engineering. Nissan Global continually benefit from Beem solutions across multiple countries and languages, to engage their factory workers in Europe and Russia.

White label solutions created by Beem have been benefiting the world’s most influential brands and connecting them to their hardest to reach workforces around the globe.


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