Ways to help staff improve self care at work

As we begin the run-up to Christmas, your staff’s stress levels can rise due to everything that comes with the season, whether it’s an increased workload, a lack of activity due to the dark nights and cold weather, or financial pressures from home.

As an HR manager, one way you can help reduce stress is to offer your people services from DocHQ, the health and wellbeing company that can become your wellbeing partner.

A happy and healthy workforce is a productive one, so ensuring your people are physically fit, with no workplace-induced injuries, and empowered to take control of any health issues they might have otherwise been unaware of is key to increasing your staff’s self care levels.

DocHQ can help your staff in a number of ways:

DocHQ Health Checks: ensuring your people manage their health needs

We can provide a bespoke range of health checks that you can offer your employees as part of a benefits package that will give feedback on their health so they can make dietary and/or lifestyle changes to combat results that may include high cholesterol, for example.

Our Health Checks include Essential Vitamins Check, Thyroid Check, Cholesterol Check, Diabetes Check and two menopause tests: Menopause Check and MenoBalance Check.

The tests are straightforward to use, requiring a simple finger-prick blood test that can easily be self-administered at home. The sample is then sent to our verified laboratory where it is analysed and the results are checked by a GP before a report is sent to you with doctor’s advice and recommendations.

This means that your staff can keep on top of any health issues – whether exisiting or new – as well as managing, and helping to prevent, further illness while improving their self care in the process. It also helps them solve any problems they might have been having diagnosing certain illnesses without having to visit a GP or be part of a long waiting list.

DocHQ Physio: helping staff return from injury

DocHQ Physio is our technologically advanced physiotherapy service that takes place entirely online.

Offering it to your employees means that anyone who is suffering from an injury – whether it’s back or neck-related from prolonged sitting or musculoskeletal from lifting – can receive an assessment from a chartered physio online before being assigned an exercise programme.

This programme uses our innovative, AI-based, body-mapping software that tracks every move and suggests instant modifications to ensure users get the most from their session.

As a result, motivation, fitness and mobility can all be increased from their own home.

DocHQ Fitness: keeping employees active

Similar to our Physio programme, DocHQ Fitness uses the same AI body-mapping software that tracks user’s moves as they work through the exercises as part of a programme designed for each individual member of staff via a personal trainer.

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Staff can then complete the exercises at their leisure, ensuring they remain active and build strength, even on their lunch break. Exercise is crucial as it has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep and increase energy, resulting in lower levels of absenteeism.

To learn more about DocHQ Health Checks and how they can benefit your staff, email Amit Arora at [email protected] to discuss bespoke corporate packages