Waitrose staff no longer required to ‘time bank’ hours during self-isolation

Waitrose staff no longer required to 'time bank' hours while self-isolating

British supermarket Waitrose has updated its pay policy, stating that employees who are self-isolating due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic,will not have to make up the hours at a later date.

While the organisation will pay its employees in full who are unable to work at home in self-isolation, it previously stated that staff who are physically well enough to work but unable to work from home, would have to follow a ‘time bank’ system.

Once they returned to work, employees would be expected to work overtime for no extra pay to make up any hours they had missed, for a period of up to two weeks.

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Following on from the feedback from its employees, Waitrose has updated its policy, confirming that employees would not have to work unpaid hours if they have had to self-isolate.

A spokesperson at Waitrose said: “We are really sorry that we got it wrong. We’ve listened to our partners and changed our policy.  Partners who are self-isolating without symptoms and unable to work from home will no longer be required to ‘time bank’ any of their time. Instead, they will be on authorised paid absence from day one.”