Voluntary benefit offers brand-new cars with 40% off and no benefit in kind tax to pay

Affinity Leasing’s voluntary benefit offers buying power that means your employees can access discounts of up to 40% off brand-new cars when taken on low-cost monthly payments, with no Benefit In Kind tax to pay. Joining this scheme will allow your staff access to members-only pricing, starting at £99 a month.

Only 45% of employees are satisfied with their current salary* but if pay rises are not on the horizon, offering new benefits may help to improve employee satisfaction with their remuneration.

If you spent time in 2016 researching new benefits for your staff, only to shelve the project due to high set up costs, there are options available at no cost to your company.

Many employee benefits can represent an expensive, long-term commitment for a company, with providers charging high initial fees and expensive monthly costs. The voluntary benefit offered by Affinity Leasing is different: providing a new benefit to your staff, and their friends and family, using their members’ only voluntary benefit.

Whether you are a compensation and benefits specialist, HR generalist, or office manager, Affinity Leasing’s voluntary benefit can be launched with minimal input from your department, is easy to understand, and has no cost to the organisation.

By being part of a members-only scheme, your employees can take advantage of discounts previously only available to large fleets.

* Source: Hays UK Salary and recruiting trends 2017

Contact Michelle Howles on 01299 269521 or email [email protected] to discuss how this scheme could benefit your company.