Emma Hart: Technology has made a significant impact on employee engagement at Visualsoft

Emma Hart

At Visualsoft, we are firm believers in collecting feedback from all employees and making positive actions as a result. The challenge we faced was how we engage with our employees and collate the feedback we receive. We found using a fortnightly micro-survey to be a huge success, giving employees the opportunity and mechanism to really have a say in our organisation’s development.

Before we used the anonymous surveys, we tried a number of different methods to collect feedback, including a feedback email address and a suggestion box on our employee intranet. Both of these had low response rates because they were both identifiable and reactive rather than proactive, meaning that the employee had to initiate the engagement.

With our micro-survey, a different question is automatically sent out to all staff each fortnight giving them the opportunity to easily respond and interact. This has led to a much higher level of engagement and feedback.

Using this method also means that we collect measurable data that we use throughout the organisation to benchmark ourselves internally and throughout our industry. We also make sure that we have a feedback loop and regularly communicate ‘wins’, which are when we take positive action on feedback given.

We use our monthly staff newsletter to feedback on the results from the surveys and any changes that were made following suggestions given through the system. This feedback makes the employee feel empowered and much more a part of the decisions that are made throughout the organisation.

We have been improving and learning through our journey so far with micro-surveys and have introduced a number of changes resulting in more feedback, increased engagement and measurable improvements. Overall, our use of technology, and specifically micro-surveys, has made a significant impact on our employee engagement levels and have become a fundamental part of our wider approach to employee engagement.

Emma Hart is HR manager at Visualsoft