Australian government introduces $1,500 sick pay for Victorian staff

Employees in Victoria Australia to receive $1,500 pandemic pay

Employees working in the state of Victoria, Australia will receive a $1,500 (£821) payment if they have to self-isolate for 14 days due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

This introduction of enhanced sick pay is due to the spike of Coronavirus cases specifically relating to the region of Victoria. Employees who do not have access to sick pay through the two financial initiatives the Australian government introduced in July 2020; Jobkeeper and Jobseeker, will be eligible to receive the payment.

The sick pay will also be accessible to employees on short-term visas, who otherwise would not have access to government sick pay and employees who have exhausted their sick pay entitlements. Staff will be able to access this payment multiple times if they are required to self-isolate more than once.

If other states in Australia see a similar spike in cases, the government would look at extending the scheme to cover affected areas.

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Scott Morrison, prime minister of Australia, said: “Today is a day for letting Victorians know that we are there to support them. This proposal has gone through the Expenditure Review Committee of Cabinet today after formulating this proposal over recent days and we’re very pleased to be able to offer this payment.

“The cost for this will be shared on the basis that it is currently being done between payments by the Commonwealth and the state. The state will be proposing to pick up the costs for those who are short-term visa holders and the Commonwealth will pick up the costs for Australian residents as a result of this payment.”