Vermont front-line employees to receive $1.50 hourly pay rise

Front-line employees under the state of Vermont in the United States will receive a pay rise of $1.50 (£1.20) to reward them for their efforts during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

This pay rise will specifically apply to those working within the health service facilities, correctional facilities, the juvenile rehabilitation centre, and the probation and parole facilities.

On top of this, the state will pay a premium bonus of 20% per hour if and when employees are specifically assigned to work in facilities providing care to Coronavirus positive patients.

Employees who deal with the public face-to-face will also receive this pay rise.

Paid leave for all State of Vermont employees unable to work due to Coronavirus-related reasons, has been extended to 9 May 2020.

The executive board also agreed that unused prior year compensatory time and supervisory personal leave can be carried over to be used for an extra year.

In a letter to employees, Beth Fastiggi, commissioner at Vermont Department of Human Resources, said: “Amidst the constant change over the past several weeks, state employees continue to serve Vermonters and fulfil the important functions and operations of government. I again thank you for your continued service to the state. Your important work is truly appreciated.”

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“These enhancements, including the carryover of unused leave, have also been extended to designated managerial and confidential classified employees, as well as, eligible temporary employees and exempt employees following a leave plan.

“This agreement ensures state employees will continue to have financial stability if they are unable to work due to Coronavirus and enables the state to continue to evaluate new federal statutes.”