Vantec drivers for Rolls Royce win 6.1% pay rise

Drivers Vantec Rolls RoyceDrivers employed by Vantec, who supply parts to a Rolls Royce plant, have won a 6.1% pay rise and pay protection.

The workers, who are members of trade union Unite, deliver components from the organisation’s warehouse in Bognor Regis to Rolls Royce’s Goodwood plant. This is their first dispute after winning union recognition in 2023.

In addition to the pay increase, the employees have secured a banked hours deal of nine days credit for workers. An arrangement of this kind sees workers get paid when factories halt work temporarily and then make it up at a later date.

The drivers voted overwhelmingly for strike action following a previous breakdown of negotiations. They stated that they voted for action because some of them were paid significantly less than workers doing similar jobs at other BMW sites in the UK. In addition, Vantec reported a turnover of around £50 million last year, while Rolls Royce and parent organisation BMW saw profits of €17.1 billion (£14.5 billion) for 2023.

Sharon Graham, general secretary at Unite, said: “Without these drivers the world’s most expensive cars would not get made. These drivers won union recognition and now their dispute has delivered the pay rise and pay protection they deserve. Automotive giants which profiteer from pay suppression in the logistics and component supply chains they control should heed this dispute. Those days are over. It’s time to pay up.”

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Scott Kemp, regional coordinating officer at Unite, added: “Our members at Vantec stood up for the pay rise and pay protection they deserve. These drivers work exclusively to service Rolls Royce from a warehouse covered in its branding. Without Vantec drivers nothing moves at Goodwood.”

Vantec was contacted for comment prior to publication.