Unlimited provides mental health training for staff

Unlimited provides mental health training for staff

Marketing and advertising agency Unlimited has provided mental health training for all its employees to increase awareness and support the wellbeing of staff.

Its ‘My Mind Matters’ programme will equip staff with the tools to support employees if they are showing signs of struggling with mental health issues included action plans, resources, and progress check-ins. The organisation has introduced long-term plans to create a culture of openness and awareness of workplace mental health.

The mental health training, launched in December, has been introduced to empower staff to take care of themselves during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The aim of this initiative is to show how employees can make long-term positive changes to their health.

Ita Waller, HR director at Unlimited, said: “By training everyone at Unlimited we are tackling this problem head-on and I am hoping it will be a standard for our industry. We are trying to address the stigma by empowering people through our internal ‘My Mind Matters’ programme. By normalising conversations about mental health we can connect on better levels and inclusive cultures can thrive.

“Our proposition is all based around human understanding and our people are our most important asset, so we have to apply the necessary care now more than ever, to ensure our employees’ mental and physical wellbeing is looked after.”