University College of Estate Management rolls out mental wellbeing support

University College of Estate ManagementReading-based University College of Estate Management (UCEM) has rolled out mental wellbeing support for its 350 employees.

Through a partnership with Thrive Mental Wellbeing, the organisation’s employees will be able to access an app to prevent, detect and manage mental health conditions and stress. The resources available include daily check-ins, a cognitive behavioural therapy course, meditation, calm breathing, deep muscle relaxation, goal setting, progress tracking, journaling, a chat and messaging function for instant support and access to therapy, and webinars, short articles and videos on a range of topics.

The organisation decided to introduce the benefits to empower employees to take control of their own health and to complement its existing health and wellbeing package. It also felt a responsibility as an inclusive employer to support its staff in as many ways as possible.

Lisa Wilks, director of HR at UCEM, said: “We aim to provide accessible support to employees in all aspects of their lives and our wellbeing policy recognises five pillars: mental, physical, digital, social, and financial wellbeing. Thrive will become a key part of our current wellbeing offering and complement other existing employee benefits, to make sure support is available in as many ways as possible.

“We believe Thrive offers early, proactive, and preventative action to empower employees to take control of their own health, by accessing support for as long as is needed. This is especially important to us and something we consider our responsibility as an inclusive employer, given the ever-increasing pressures on the NHS.”

UCEM also offers employees a health cash plan, an employee assistance programme, dental insurance, a mental health platform, eye care provision, online learning resources, lifestyle discounts, mental health first aiders, a wellbeing day, a volunteering day, sabbatical leave, family leave, flexible working and a bikes-for-work scheme.