Tui UK enhances family leave policy

TUI UK family leaveTravel and leisure business Tui UK has rehauled its family leave policy in order to give its employees more time, financial security and support.

Partner leave has been enhanced from two weeks at statutory pay to two weeks at normal pay, and staff going on either maternity or adoption leave will receive 13 weeks at 100% of their normal pay, as well as an additional 13 weeks at 50% pay followed by statutory entitlement. Those returning from this leave can have a two-month phased return to work, with no impact to pay, to help them transition back into working life.

Tui UK employees whose babies spend time in neonatal care will have up to an additional twelve weeks at the same rate as statutory maternity pay for the duration of their baby’s time in care. This is intended to allow them to care for their baby in hospital without having to worry about missing some of their maternity leave.

Furthermore, staff going through IVF or fertility treatment will receive up to one week off per rolling year at full pay, while those who experience a miscarriage will be entitled to up to one week off at full pay.

Those going on maternity, adoption or extended shared parental leave will be invited to join a coaching session to help them prepare, with further group sessions after they return to work available to help them transition and re-adjust.

Julie Tindale, HR director of Tui UK and Ireland, said: “We have lots of people in our organisation who are trying to start a family or have a new arrival to welcome, therefore the time had come for us to really look at what is important during these life events and how Tui can better support them.

“We are all really proud of the new family leave policy which provides support from trying to start a family through to return back to work after time off. Coaching and a phased return to work with no impact on pay for new parents also takes off some of the pressure and anxiety that often comes during this transition.”