Togetherall is a clinically managed 24/7, digital, anonymous mental health support community that fills the gaps left by traditional tools.  

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Togetherall gives employees a confidential and safe way to share feelings, connect with others and understand mental health better. Many people feel uncomfortable opening up or accessing more formal types of support, yet they still want human interaction.

Our global community, is available at any time of day, or night, so members can log-in instantly and get support as soon as they need it. Togetherall is moderated 24/7 by counsellors and therapists who keep members safe and answer questions. Our members use Togetherall to share thoughts and feelings without fear of judgement or stigma, seek help anonymously and start a journey towards better mental health.


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What we offer: 

  • Anonymous Peer-to-peer community, moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals
  • Accessible instantly, 24/7, all year round
  • Help for people at all stages of their journey – from speaking for the first time, to reflecting on therapy and reinforcing learning.
  • Robust, with clinical escalation and safeguarding procedures
  • Courses, resources and self-assessments to improve wellbeing and understanding



Email: [email protected]