TikTok video shows jobs dogs would be qualified for

dog job qualifiedSomething for the weekend: Have you ever (jokingly) thought your dog wasn’t pulling its weight around the house, and wondered what job it would actually be qualified to do?

TikTok user @MyBrownNewfies, the owner of a couple of Newfoundlands and a Corgi, created a video of all of the jobs that their dogs would be qualified for, and there is a surprising amount of them.

From a Newfoundland window washer to a Corgi yard surveyor, the list got quite creative with what their dogs would be qualified to do. The video also showed a cardiologist, with a clip of a dog hugging a heart-shaped cushion, a pool cleaner as shown by two dogs in a paddling pool, and a shoe shiner, which was accompanied by a clip of a dog licking a boot.

Other jobs included mattress tester, where viewers could see a Newfoundland lying on a bed, a marine biologist, as shown by a dog holding a dolphin toy, and food inspector, accompanied by a clip of a dog being fed some food.

The video ends with the statement: “References are available upon request.”

Viewers flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the idea. @Vivi called it: “Brilliant!!” to which the video creator responded: “It was all their idea!”, while @kristi said: “Omg love it!!! I fell out on branch manager!!!” with @MyBrownNewfies replying: “Lou and Finn can often be seen fighting for that position!”

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@BoredCatMom said: “I will hire them all and give them kisses and snuggles and treats as payment”, while the creator replied: “They’re definitely willing to work for snuggles and treats!”

This sounds paw-some to us at Employee Benefits! Perhaps dogs’ benefits packages could include a set amount of treats per hour as payment and regular rest breaks…