The ultimate COVID-19 return to work checklist for your team

There have been no shortage of radical changes for HR teams to grapple with during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past 6 months, many businesses have been operating in ‘crisis-mode’, reacting to the evolving government advice.

However, as COVID-19 shows no signs of slowing, businesses need to start future planning, building sustainable working practices that work for them and their teams throughout the ongoing health crisis.

The official government guidance stipulates that where home working isn’t possible, people should attend their workplaces as long as they comply with the COVID-secure workplace guidelines.

Some employees will be able to keep working from home comfortably and effectively for the foreseeable future. However, this isn’t the case for everyone, and where employee mental and physical wellbeing is concerned, the workplace may well be the best place for them.

So, if you are looking at how to make your workplace COVID-secure, now or in 6 months, we’ve put together a checklist for all essential measures to consider or have in place, ready for your reopening.

Below are our top 3, but you can download the full checklist here.

Symptoms tracking solutions

The key to reducing COVID-19 transmission is reactivity time. Having a robust and integrated symptom tracking solution in place is essential for your organisation to act fast if an employee was to report any symptoms.

Workplace digital access badge

The latest innovation in health tech since the initial outbreak of COVID-19, has been the rollout of digital access passes.

When an employee completes their symptom tracking check, and with Huma Health Shield, a COVID-19 exposure risk report, based on their health outcomes they are awarded a pass to allow them access to their workplace.

COVID-19 awareness training

Any first line defence against COVID-19 is a rigorous awareness training and communications plan. Ensuring all employees have access to up to date accredited awareness tools, for both organisational protocols and wider public health advice, is essential.

Putting your people first

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At the heart of any decision making during this difficult time should be a commitment to supporting the needs of your people.

Get the full checklist and find out more about how Huma Health Shield could help you with your reopening plans.