The Dorchester offers staff mental health courses

The Dorchester hotel has launched mental health courses for staff to raise awareness of the triggers that can affect their health and wellbeing.

The hotel partnered with online learning provider The Skills Network in order to offer the nationally recognised and fully funded courses, which aim to upskill and support its more than 650 employees. They will be available to all members of staff at both The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane, of Dorchester Collection.

According to the hotel, recognising mental health and wellbeing is an integral part of its key focuses for 2021, and the courses will sit alongside this by providing employees with the opportunity to reskill, retrain in both these areas and be rewarded. In addition to the mental health courses, equality and diversity training will be available to all staff members at the hotel and at 45 Park Lane, which is part of the Dorchester Collection of nine hotels.

Emma Jayne, area director of people and culture at The Dorchester, explained that the wellbeing of employees has always been a primary focus for the senior leadership team and due to the past year and a half, it has been recognised now more than ever that mental health is a priority.

She explained that The Skills Network helped the hotel formulate a plan of how to develop a framework that suits the business as a whole, while also helping to progress in the areas most relevant in current society.

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“We’re hoping that the mental health awareness programme will allow our employees to develop both professionally and personally, providing them with the skills to identify any potential issues and to help those who need it, even if it’s just through having a conversation,” Jayne said.

James Earl, executive director of sales at The Skills Network, added that the team is “thrilled” to be joining forces with The Dorchester to deliver programmes that will benefit the employees’ wellbeing and provide opportunities for hospitality staff to help the lives of others.