The CEO Corner: Reaching your people starts with pushing your communication boundaries

At Reward Gateway we practice open and honest communication, which simply means we err on the side of disclosure when it comes to company information, and we announce the news as early as possible. It’s core to how we run our business and a key part of how we create an environment for employee engagement.

Being open and honest, however, requires effective employee communication and this is only possible if your people are listening and if you know how to reach them. Being visible and connected to people in the business is the key for CEOs and other managers alike.

It’s not always easy. We’re in a world now with a more mobile and remote workforce, oftentimes with people who aren’t in the same office and in my case, not even on the same continent. We can’t always rely on the traditional face-to-face Monday morning meeting anymore, but there are tools and strategies to keep in our pocket to help.

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