Teddy bears hired to test out new roller coaster ride

Something for the weekend: A theme park has hired teddy bears to test out one of its new rides.

With the Covid-19 lockdown enforcing social distancing worldwide, Walibi Holland, a theme park in the Netherlands was left with no human test subjects to try out its new rides. Instead, the business came up with the inventive idea of opening up job applications to stuffed animals.

On their first day on the job, the 22 thrill-seeking recruits got to test out its new ride, Untamed. With the wind in their fur, the cuddly employees were seen to be ‘enjoying’ the benefits of the job.

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A number of other theme parks have followed a similar suit in hiring stuffed animals. Theme park Grona Lund in Sweden was the first to pick up on this trend, hiring unicorns to do the job, while Cowabunga Bay Water Park thought that good ol’ fashioned teddy bears on its new Beach Blanket Banzai family slide was a good idea.

Here at Employee Benefits, we hope that the new ride wasn’t too unbearable for the lucky successful applicants.