Taylor Swift is highest-paid woman in music with more than double Beyoncé’s income

Taylor Swift

Something for the weekend: American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift definitely does not have a Blank Space in her bank account, as Forbes has ranked the 29-year-old as the world’s highest-paid woman in music.

Swift tops the 2019 list, ‘The World’s Highest-Paid Women in Music’, with earnings amounting to a cool $185 million (£152 million), before tax, in the past year.

Hot on her dancing heels is Diva Beyoncé, ranking second as one of the women to Run the World with an annual income of $81 million (£66,408,660), while singer-come-mogul Rihanna has put in the Work to place third, totting up $62 million (£50,831,320) from her ventures last year.

There is nothing Hot n Cold about Katy Perry’s career, as she pipped Pink to fourth place, with the two stars earning $57.5 million (£47,130,450) and $57 million (£46,732,020) respectively, while 26-year-old Ariana Grande is in sixth spot, taking home $48 million (£39,343,680), before tax, in the last year.

Other songstresses completing the top 10 line-up include Jennifer Lopez, proving she is far from Jenny from the Block with an income of $43 million (£35,245,380), Lady Gaga with a less than Shallow pot of $39.5 million (£32,376,570) in pay, Canadian star Celine Dion, who earned $37.5 million (£30,737,250) last year, and Shakira, who was paid $35 million (£28,688,100) in the past 12 months.

Here at Employee Benefits, we hope Swift’s music rivals do not have too much Bad Blood as a result of Forbes’ final rankings; maybe her fellow starlets will simply Shake it Off and try to knock her off the top spot for next year…