A tale of the employee survey: Finding our perfect match

By Catrin Lewis, Internal Communications Manager 

Before I joined Reward Gateway and became our internal communications manager, I assumed a People Team strategy and employee insights largely came from one seemingly valuable tool: An annual employee survey.

I wasn’t necessarily wrong. Many rely on annual surveys to get a “temperature check” of how their business is doing and use those findings to create attainable People Team goals — improve engagement, boost their employer brand, find better benefits … and so on and so on.

But here’s the problem with the annual survey: It can’t, and never will, magically tell you what happens the other 364 other days of the year.

What does employee survey best practice mean, then? We need consistent insight so we can pivot and change with our employees and the company as a whole. While our internal communications platform helps me keep eyes on what’s happening among our 375+ employees, in my dreams, we needed a way to send and review our employee engagement surveys, and I needed a way to boost engagement on those surveys overall.

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