Swiss government increases paid paternity leave to 10 days

Switzerland government increase paternity leave to ten days

The Swiss government has approved new paternity legislation, providing fathers of newly born babies with 10 days paid leave.

From 2021, the new legislation will allow biological fathers to take the enhanced leave at any point during the first six months following the birth of their child, a rise of nine days from the current one day entitlement.

Working fathers will receive 80% of their pay, capped daily at $196 (£165). However, employers can choose to extend the duration of the leave or increase the percentage of salary.

Following this agreement, employee associations, unions and ex-parliamentary parties are working together to address, and further improve parental leave in Switzerland.

Valérie Piller Carrard, president at Pro Familia Switzerland, said: “Parental leave strengthens and supports families at a time when it is needed and relieves parents in the vulnerable phase of family foundation, it improves framework conditions for the reconciliation of family and professional life.

“The new law will give fathers and mothers the opportunity to find their place in their new roles and to distribute the paid work and be remunerated more equally. Parental leave, therefore, creates the conditions to allow parents to share responsibility the education of their children. “