Six little ways to show appreciation for your employees during the holidays

By Robert Hicks, Group HR Director 

The holidays are a special time, people’s moods begin to lift with the festive cheer and you can snowball that feeling of goodwill to show appreciation to everyone in your business. I love it and you’ll definitely see me in my Christmas jumper if you stop by the London office before I go on leave for the holidays!

Of course, Christmas can also be a time of stress and it’s important to be mindful of how this can affect peoples’ attitude towards work. They may be struggling to make ends meet and feel under pressure to buy presents or they may be alone and having to spend a time of togetherness on their own.

Keeping employee engagement high is critical every day, but especially noticeable during the holiday season when there can be high stress.

Click here to read six ways Rob has used and seen appreciation given to employees during the festive period which will keep spirits high.