Seven in 10 considering starting their own business due to dissatisfaction


More than seven in 10 (71%) UK employees are considering starting their own business because they are dissatisfied with their employers, according to research by freelance job website PeoplePerHour.

The survey of over 1,000 current UK workers, carried out in September 2018, found that the majority (68%) have little to no access to flexible working options, such as working from home (not available to 64%), annualised hours (64%), flexitime (57%), job sharing (77%) and compressed time (73%).

Over half of respondents (57%) work between 36 to 60 hours per week. More than three-fifths (62%) have no passion for the job they do, and the biggest source of dissatisfaction with employers is lack of praise (57%). Frustration or annoyance with colleagues was the source of disaffection for 42%, while similar percentages expressed discontent over a lack of influence on the future of the business (40%) and having no flexibility in work hours (39%).

Outdated technology was cited as the reason for dissatisfaction by over a third (35%) of respondents, while 29% feel they don’t have enough autonomy, and 22% said their boss does not understand them.

Xenios Thrasyvoulou, founder and chief executive at PeoplePerHour, said: “Brits are a nation of passionate people who are all looking to live their work dream. That is the reality for some, while others are hustling to turn their work dream into reality.

“When it comes to money, Brits are actually very cautious of starting their own business, with three in four saying financial stability is the biggest barrier to them. Of course, every business may not be a success. But the combination of passion, obtainable goals and a flexible, skilled team to support business growth is the best recipe for success.”

Data from the survey revealed that the top four things employees desire from their working life are: doing something they feel passionate about (43%); having a better work-life balance (39%); having the ability to work flexible hours (32%); and feeling more reward from their job. The majority (69%) would like to work as part of a team.