Seattle City Council legislates to increase pay for food delivery staff.

Seattle Council passes premium pay legislation for frontline food delivery drivers

Seattle City Council has legislated to ensure that front-line independent contractors working for food delivery services in Seattle will receive premium pay.

Organisations, such as GrubHub and Postmates, will need to pay any gig workers they employ an additional $2.50 (£2.00) for each order they deliver, during the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

However, businesses are not allowed to pass the cost on to customers or deduct the payment from tips, bonuses or commissions.

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The Seattle Office of Labor Standards will coordinate the implementation of the premium pay for independent contractors until Seattle City Council lifts the city’s civil emergency status.

Andrew J. Lewis, council member at Seattle City Council, said: “The powerful testimony of app-based food delivery workers showed their needs were not being met, both in pay and in their ability to protect not only themselves but their families and customers. Premium pay will ensure these independent contractors receive minimum compensation, deserved hazard pay, and additional resources to clean their delivery vehicles.”