Scoro moves to four-day week

Work management software platform Scoro has announced that it is transitioning to a four-day working week as of this week with no compressed hours or change in salary.

The firm, which employs 140 members of staff, will publicly document its progress by mapping and measuring the process in an attempt to create a blueprint for other employers considering a similar move. Its aim is to show how specifically-designed efficiency improvements can help the organisation achieve more in less time, so employees can be more productive and happy.

According to Scoro, this move is supported by its own employee and usage data from the 20,000 platform users worldwide, which suggests that there are varying levels of productivity throughout the week.

As part of its 12-month mission to boost productivity as its working hours decrease, the orgnaisation has created measurable goals, such as reducing time spent in meetings by 25%, and changing communication channels and practices to reduce the number of interruptions by 18%.

It is also increasing the amount of uninterrupted time blocks by 23%, improving the quality of time tracking and increasing time tracked in detail to 90% of working hours, and improving planning and time management to save an hour of time per person per week.

Scoro founder and chief executive officer Fred Krieger (pictured) said: “We talk about reinventing Fridays internally because it’s not just an extra day off, it amounts to much more when [we] imagine what [we] can do with 40-50 extra days each year, whether we use this to pursue a lifelong dream, spend more time with loved ones, or finally learn that language. The additional free time can change our lives.”