Salary Finance researches how saving impacts financial wellbeing

In The Employer’s Guide to Savings  we explore:

  • The link between running out of money and financial worries.
  • The real savings situation for UK employees and how their low financial resilience is impacting financial wellbeing.
  • Why people aren’t saving, and how we can make it easier for them to start and continue a savings habit.
  • The relationship between salary and savings levels
  • What employers can do to help and how to build a business case for your organisation.

The headlines from the research are:

  • 34% of employed Brits regularly run out of money before payday
  • Many people have very little financial resilience. Over 30% of people have less than £500 in rainy day savings.
  • Age and salary are not major factors in having a savings habit
  • Convenience matters. The simpler a savings mechanism makes for people to start, and continue, savings the higher the level of adoption.

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