RSA Insurance launches domestic abuse support

RSA InsuranceRSA Insurance has introduced a domestic abuse policy to support its 4,500 employees, including paid leave for those who need to deal with issues at home.

The initiative has been designed to raise awareness in the workplace, as well as creating a safe and inclusive environment, and to increase the visibility of training and guidance resources for both employees and leaders.

In 2021, RSA Insurance introduced domestic abuse guidance. The policy was developed with support and resources from the Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse, of which RSA is a member.

In order to embed the policy, RSA rolled out Leaders Awareness Training and set up a network of Domestic Abuse Champions, who received training from the charity Women’s Aid, in order to support the business in signposting guidance and resources to those experiencing domestic abuse.

Gemma Jackson, head of diversity and inclusion at RSA, said: “At RSA we are committed to protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of all our employees. Our new domestic abuse policy strengthens this commitment by sensitively supporting those affected by domestic abuse. The policy won’t stand still and will be adapted when required to ensure it always remains relevant and meets the needs of employees.

“By caring for victims, educating leaders on the issue of domestic abuse, and signposting support for perpetrators to recognise and seek help for their behaviour. We hope this policy will have a positive impact on the collective lives of our workforce.”