Reward Gateway launches ‘on the spot’ recognition to support frontline and offline employees

Reward Gateway has just announced its new “On the Spot” recognition feature that makes it easier for managers to present in-person recognition (monetary or non-monetary) to frontline employees in retail, hospitality, warehouse and manufacturing environments. The feature enables and tracks recognition whether or not an employee’s name is known or captured at the time of the recognition moment. Not only are these in-person recognition moments easier for managers to give, but employees can also choose to redeem monetary On the Spot awards from hundreds of e-Gift cards, directly from Amazon, or from their company’s custom awards offerings.

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The new feature also gives greater oversight and control to employers from creation to budgeting to redemption. The Reward Gateway platform allows employers to generate unique award codes that can be printed on individual Thank You Cards, certificates or another medium of their choice. This means HR leaders have more flexibility and control over how many On the Spot awards to create and which moments to celebrate. Automated reporting tracks budgets, as well as which employees have logged in to view or redeem their recognition.

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