Remote Bob uses benefits to face the challenges of change

Outsourcing organisation Remote Bob connects London businesses with skilled, cost-effective workers in Croatia. Spanning the two countries, however, presents challenges as global trends in the world of work and benefits take effect.

Pressure on the organisation to improve benefits and reward has never been greater than it is today, says Barbara Krecak, director at Remote Bob. “Employees’ expectations for the workplace 10 years ago were that you provided them with a desk, computer, instructions and salary, she explains. “[Now the] average package includes a lot more than that: flexibility, breakfast in the office, drinks on Fridays. Even small start-ups in the early stage are considering this to be a priority, because they don’t want to lose their employees to the [organisation] next door that offers fruit baskets in the office.”

In turn, the current political environment in the UK means change is looming on the horizon, but without clear definition as to what form it will take.

“After Brexit, we will not be obliged to comply with EU legislation about working hours, annual leave, maternity or parental leave,” says Krecak. “However, we are aware that there will be new legislation which will be introduced gradually. My assumption is that new legislation will go more in favour of [the] employer, but we decided that we will keep the existing package.”

Remote Bob reorganised its budget in May 2019, targeting a number of recent shifts and trends. “The next step in our [organisation is to] be more focused on wellbeing and mental health,” says Krecak. “Fifteen minutes’ meditation during working hours and massage chairs in the venue will be [among] the perks. Global warming is [also] pushing us to become more aware about ecology issues, so we are now using reusable containers in the office kitchen and we are recycling.

“All this is making our employees feel that they are part of a good organisation and that we are all together, doing something meaningful and creating positive change.”