Red Letter Days for Business launches subscription reward range

Red Letter Days for Business, the incentive and reward experts from Red Letter Days, has launched a new range of ‘subscription gifts’ to give employers an even wider range of prizes to award their staff with.
Montezuma’s Real Chocolate Club

Launched in time for Christmas, the new and growing product category includes 36 memorable subscription packages starting from as little as £20, such as:

  • Montezuma’s Real Chocolate Club where an exquisite package of the latest and most innovative creations from the chocolate company’s range is delivered every month
  • Craft Beer Club subscription that includes a monthly delivery of eight different cutting edge beers created in microbreweries from all over the world 
  • Vinoa Wine Club where sample bottles of artisan wine and educational wine tasting notes are delivered on a monthly basis
  • Other gifts in range include the Friday Night Curry Club, Tea Club, Beanify Coffee Club, magazine and pampering subscriptions.

Bill Alexander, CEO at Red Letter Days for Business, said: “Employers are starting to think about how they can thank their staff at the end of the year. It can be difficult to find something unique and memorable that isn’t too expensive. A subscription is affordable; the prize also spans across anything from three to 12 months, which means your employee will keep being recognised and reminded of their great work for longer than a one-off cash bonus.”

Red Letter Days for Business’s recent report, Employee Engagement: How British business measures up’, found that 80 per cent of highly engaged staff received some form of reward or recognition at work, while just 35 per cent of those who have no engagement at work receive such treats.

Proportion of highly engaged staff who receive each type of reward

Individual cash bonus – 33%

Voucher – 24%

Regular verbal thank-you from manager – 24%

Team away day – 23%

Gift for work done – 17%

Sales commission – 14%

Training to help outside work – 14%

Thank you card/email from manager – 11%

Proportion of staff with no or low engagement who receive each type of reward

Individual cash bonus – 4%

Voucher – 1%

Regular verbal thank-you from manager – 3%

Team away day –

Gift for work done –

Sales commission – 1%

Training to help outside work –

Thank you card/email from manager – 2%

Across the whole sample group*, just 18% of employees received a verbal thank-you from their manager in the last 12 months.

“You should never underestimate the power of a thank you,” continued Alexander. “My advice to businesses looking to recognise staff this Christmas would be to make sure your awards are communicated effectively to staff. A prize should always come with a personal thank you otherwise the recognition will go unnoticed.

”If it’s impossible to thank everyone individually then a letter in the post or a verbal announcement to each company department can work just as well.”

*About the survey

This survey was conducted among 2,006 British employees during March 2015. The survey was run by an independent research agency. The research questions and report were compiled by an independent writer and published in June 2015.