Recognition and wellbeing: Preparing for Christmas

A digital fireside chat with Nudge & Browne Jacobson

As this year finally draws to a close, it could be easy for us to ‘take our foot off the gas’ and coast towards Christmas. But, for some, we’re heading into a volatile time of year, and our employees are going to need a robust plan in place for the festive season. With the year-long headache that has been 2020, it’s no wonder that people will want to go all-out to make the holidays special at home. So, how can we help our employees stay financially and emotionally healthy in this potentially tough period? How effective has recognition been in supporting wellbeing this year? How important are rewards going to be in future? And how can we help employees to be proactive about their money for 2021? Our financial wellbeing experts from Benefex and Nudge, along with special guests from law firm, Browne Jacobson, unravel the challenges our employees face at Christmas, and look at how we can help them have a healthy start to 2021.

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