Random Acts of Kindness That Are Kind to The Planet Too

There’s no plan B for planet Earth. According to the IPCC, the Earth will see a rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next two decades. However, climate change is happening now, with air quality worsening, a refugee crisis and over 1million species at risk of extinction. It’s time we all took a leaf out of mother nature’s book and tried to be kind to the planet.

So, in celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day this Thursday (17th February), we’ve put together some ways you can be kind to your colleagues and the planet.

Plant a Tree for Someone

Why not reach new heights and plant a tree for some of your team? Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, here at Each Person, we make it easier for you and your people. With just a simple £1, you can plant one tree and help fight the climate crisis!

Send an Eco Gift

Using rewards and recognition at work is a great way to spread kindness. On top of this, you can even make it kind to the planet! Here are some reward ideas to be a little kinder to the earth.

Reusable Coffee Cups:

The morning run is often unkind to us. However, with reusable coffee cups, people can get their daily dose of caffeine whilst being kind to the planet.

Send an Ecard

Did you know the average greetings card has a carbon footprint of 140g? Although most cards are paper, we cannot recycle them. Why not be kind to someone and the planet by sending them a customised Ecard? It’s simple, fun and sometimes doesn’t even cost a penny. The perfect way to say thank you for your hard work whilst thanking the planet.

Bake Some Vegan Treats

Going vegan isn’t just a trend. It’s also incredibly kind to the planet. According to James Poore, an environmental researcher at the University of Oxford, the 350,000 people expected to participate in Veganuary (2020) would save as much greenhouse gas emissions as moving 160,000 cars from the road. Therefore, swapping your everyday items to something a bit kinder to the planet could have incredibly positive effects! Just be careful of allergies!

Have a Movie Day in The Office

Perks at work don’t have to be mundane. Why not invite your team to a movie day in the office at lunchtime and show some documentaries on climate change? Some of the big names are Seaspiracy and An Inconvenient Truth: A Global Warning.

In short, we know that we can’t change the climate in a day. But if we all made minor changes to be kind to the planet, we could make a massive impact. Here at Each Person, we want to do the same, so we donate 5% of our profits to Carbon Footprints eco-projects.

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