Promoting a healthy work-life balance for employees

We were contacted by an employer, keen to promote a healthy work/life balance for their employees who were working remotely. They were particularly eager to know what barriers employees were facing to improving their wellbeing.

A survey showed that their employees were facing a number of challenges, including home-schooling, childcare and wider caring responsibilities. It was clear that some people were coping really well with working from home, while others found it more difficult.

Supporting employees

The employer was keen to offer additional support where possible and had already been encouraging employees to participate in physical health challenges, such as virtual walking to “view” places of interest.

Our discussion, one of the free 45 workplace wellbeing minute calls we offer to organisations, highlighted the importance of agile working, flexibility and inclusivity. For example, we spoke about how, for those who are shielding or physically unable to leave home, an inter-team lockdown photography competition could be run. At the same time, employees could be asked about their views of the working environment.

We also agreed that communications would be sent to increase awareness of the Employee Assistance Programme. This included encouraging people to read the support available and to download podcasts — to help build mental resilience.

A follow up call is scheduled to discuss how the employer can build a more well-rounded benefits offering through their online platform, following further analysis of the survey.

For more information about employee wellbeing, visit our web page here. You can also find out about 4me, our digital benefits platform that helps employees take control of their own health and wealth needs.